Let’s Talk About Moving Insurance


New Roots’ top priority is safely moving your belongings from one place to the next.  Our staff is professionally trained and has over 20 years of combined moving experience, but we’d be lying if we said that every move goes perfectly.  The occasional accident happens and that’s why we feel it’s important to educate our customers about their insurance options.  


New Roots Moving Company now offers three ways to protect your belongs during a move:


Standard – Released Value

The state of Ohio requires moving companies to offer standard insurance at a state required minimum of $.60 per lb. This means your items are valued by weight, not value.  For example, if you have a 4K LED television weighing 50 lbs you’ll be reimbursed $30 if the television is damaged during the move.  This option comes at no cost to you.  


Full Value Protection

For an additional cost, we offer a coverage option called Full Value Protection (FVP).  With FVP, New Roots agrees to be liable up to a preset amount that represents your estimate of the value of the property being moved.  Conditions include:


  1. The overall coverage amount must be a minimum of $6 per pound of the estimated weight of your shipment, or a declared value of $15,000.
  2. The valuation cost amounts to .75 percent (.75 cents per $100) of the declared value with a $100 deductible.  For example, if a customer lists $15,000 as the current replacement value for their belongings, the valuation charges would be $112.50 ($15,000 x .0075) plus a $100 deductible. 
  3. The maximum value for any one piece of furniture cannot exceed $6 per pound.  Total maximum coverage cannot exceed $50,000 per truck.


With Full Value Protection, if any item is destroyed New Roots can decide to replace the items using one of three options: repair the item, replace it with a similar item, or offer cash to replace the item at current market value.  It should be noted there is a limit on the replacement value of an item; any item worth more than $100 per pound (i.e. jewelry, antiques, collectibles), is considered to hold extraordinary value and will not be completely covered.  If you have items that fall into this category please let us know before your move and we’ll be happy to instruct you on best practices.  


Third-Party Insurance

New Roots has partnered with MovingInsurance.com, a third-party moving insurance provider, offering full coverage, flexible options to cover losses and/or damages that may occur during your move.  If you have high-value items, we recommend looking into this option as it’s designed to cover the current declared value of your belongings less your chosen one-time deductible.  Here’s an overview of the options available through MovingInsurance.com:

Movinginsurance.com Coverage Options

Movinginsurance.com offers several options to cover your belongings during your next move.


If you have questions or concerns about protecting your belongings during your next move give our moving experts a call at (330) 295-3467 or contact us and we’ll be happy to explain your options and provide professional moving advice.