Five Tips For Hiring Local Movers

Hiring professional movers is a great way to alleviate stress from your move, but a quick Google search for “movers near me” will return dozens of local moving companies, all competing for your business.  And we’ve all heard horror stories about moves gone wrong, so how can you decide which moving company to trust?  Here are five tips to aid in your decision: 

1. Good Reviews

Having a positive online presence is crucial for businesses, and the moving industry is no exception.  As soon as Google returns the results of your search, you’ll notice their 5-star rating display.  Take the time to read through a few of them.  Do they sound legitimate?  Does the moving company respond to customer reviews, even if they’re negative?  Are they recent?  If the answer is yes to those questions, that’s a good sign.  New Roots is proud to have sixty-four 5-star reviews at the time of this post.

2. Experience & Training

Now that we’ve found a moving company or two with good customer reviews, you’ll want to do a little more digging to better understand how much moving experience they have. You can do so by visiting their website or calling to speak with a sales associate.  Professional movers should have all the moving supplies, equipment, and training necessary to safely transport your items from one place to another without damaging your property or your home.  Moving supplies and equipment include things like floor protectors, furniture pads, shrink wrapping, moving dollies, a legitimate moving truck.  Professionals are trained to properly wrap, pack, lift, and transport all of your belongings.  Rest assured all New Roots employees are personally trained by our owner who brings over 10 years of professional moving experience. 

3. License and Insurance

This one is critical.  Being a licensed moving business means the moving company is legally permitted to operate in its city and state.  Even if the moving companies you’re considering have solid reviews, you do not want to hire movers who aren’t licensed and insured.  As any trustworthy moving company will tell you, accidents do occasionally happen, and in that rare event, your belongings need to be covered.  That said, there are details around moving insurance that consumers should be aware of.  This article on does a great job of going into further detail and your New Roots sales representative will be happy to answer any questions you have about what is and isn’t covered with standard moving insurance.  

4. Estimates and Pricing

So, how much should you pay for professional movers?  As mentioned in our previous post, Why Hire A Professional Moving Company, it depends on several variables including distance, weight, and the type of move, but the best way to get an accurate estimate is to speak directly with the moving company so they can understand the nuances of your move.  Better yet, most local moving companies will give free on-site estimates.  At New Roots Moving, our owners are happy to come on-site to provide a moving estimate and answer any moving-related questions you may have.  

5. Referrals

Our last tip for hiring a trustworthy moving company is to ask friends and family who have recently moved.  Referral business in the moving industry is extremely common, and what better way to find a moving company you trust than to ask a friend or family member that has hands-on experience with local movers.  

In summary, no matter your city or town, a quick search for “movers near me” is likely to return multiple companies to chose from, but if you follow the tips above you should be in a good position to choose the best movers for your unique situation. 

Proudly serving Canton, Ohio, and the surrounding areas,  New Roots Moving Company invites you to contact us today to learn how we can make your next move a success.